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Unit features push to talk button and clothing clip.

One Year Warranty

Compatible Radio Models:


  • Motorola Spirit GT, Spirit GT+
  • Motorola Talkabout 270, 280, 289
  • Motorola Talkabout T-Series: T270, T280, T289, T4500, T4800, T4900, T5000, T5100, T5146, T5200, T5300, T5320, T5400, T5410, T5412, T5420, T5500, T5500, T5512, T5522, T5532, T5550, T5600, T5620, T5700, T5710, T5720, T5725, T5800, T5820,  T5900, T5920, T5950, T6200, T6210, T6220, T6222, T6250, T6300, T6310, T6320, T6400, T6500, T6510, T6550, T7000, T7100, T7150, T7200, T7400, T7450, T8000, T8500, T8550, T9500, T9550, T9580, T9650, T9680
  • Motorola F Series: FR50, F60, FV200R, FV200 FV200AA, FV300, FV500R, FV500, FV500AA, FV700, FV750, FV800
  • Motorola M Series: MC220R, MC225R, MH230R, MJ270R, MR350R, MR354R, MR355R, MR356R, MR560R, MS350R,MS355R,MS560R, MU350R, MU354R, MT350R, MT352R 
  • Motorola SX700, SX700R, XTL446
  • Cobra PR / Microtalk Series: PR240, PR245, PR237, PR240, PR245, PR350, PR375, PR385,  PR550, PR590, PR3000, PR3100, PR3175, PR3180, PR3500, PR3550, PR3575, PR4000, PR4200, PR4250, PR4300, PR4700, PR4750, PR5000-2
  • Cobra FRS Series: FRS132, FRS237
  • Cobra MRHH Series: MRHH100, MRHH200
  • Garmin Rino Series: 110, 120, 130, 520, 530
    • Cobramicrotalk LI Series: LI 3900 3900-2WX, LI 4900 4900-2 WX, LI 60006000-2 WX, LI 6500 6500-2 WX, LI 7000 7000-2 W

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