Tactical Throat Microphone for M3 Motorola Multi Pin HT XTS MTX JT MT (EMP324HT1000)

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Update Version- Tactical heavy duty adjustable throat microphone with acoustic tube ear piece. The dual condenser microphone picks up the user's voice directly from the vocal chords. This drastically cuts down on ambient noise. The clear acoustic tube headset fits snugly in the ear and keeps incoming transmissions clear and private.  

Headset is for use with the following Motorola and EF Johnson radios and many other radios that require a multi-pin side connector:

Motorola GP Series: GP900 GP 900, GP1200 GP 1200, GP9000 GP 9000, Motorola GP1200, Motorola GP900, Motorola GP9000

Motorola MTX Series: MTX838 MTX 838, Motorola MTX900, MTX960 MTX 960, MTX8000 MTX 8000, MTX9000 MTX9000, MTX-LS, MTX-B5, MTX-B7

Motorola XTS Series: XTS1500 XTS 1500, XTS2000, Motorola XTS2250, XTS2500 XTS 2500, XTS3000, Astro XTS 3000, XTS3500 XTS 3500, Motorola XTS4250, XTS5000 XTS5000, XTS5000R XTS 5000R

Other Motorola: HT1000 HT 1000, HT2000 HT 2000, JT1000 JT 1000, PR1500 PR 1500, Motorola MT1000, MT1500 MT 1500, MT2000 MT 2000, MTS2000 MTS 2000, ASTRO

EFJohnson: 51SL, 5000, 5100, 7700 SERIES, VP600, EF Johnson 5000. EF Johnson 511X, EF Johnson 512X, EF Johnson 514X, EF Johnson 515ES, EF Johnson 515L, EF Johnson 518X, EF Johnson 51SL, EF Johnson 51SLES, EF Johnson 7700, EF Johnson AN/PRC-127EF, EF Johnson Ascend 5100, EF Johnson Ascend ES, EF Johnson Viking VP300, EF Johnson Viking VP400, EF Johnson Viking VP600, EF Johnson Viking VP900, Motorola XTX2500

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