Shoulder Speaker/Mic for 2 Prong Motorola w/ Aux Jack M1 ( EAGLE EMH110GP300)

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Heavy duty shoulder speaker microphone with INCLUDED acoustic tube ear piece. Heavy duty push to talk button located on the side and a strong swivel retaining clip on the back. The coiled acoustic tube headset also has a metal clip that can be clipped to the collar or shoulder.

Compatible Radio Models:

XTN Series: XTN446, XTN500, XTN600 XTN XV Series: XV1100 XV2100 XV2600 XTN XU Series: XU1100 XU2100 XU2600 XTN AX Series: AXV5100, AXU4100 CLS Series: CLS1110, CLS1410, CLS1413, CLS1450, CLS1450C Motorola VHF / UHF Spirit, Spirit Pro, Spirit Pro+ Motorola Spirit Series: SV10, SV11, SV11D, SV21, SV12, SV22, SV22C, SU210, SU22, SU22C, SU220 Spirit M Series: MV11, MV11CV, MV12, MV12CV, MV21C, MV21CV, MV22, MV22CV, MU11, MU11C, MU11CV, MU12, MU12C, MU12CV, MU21C, MU21CV, MU22CVS, MU24CV, MU24CVS, MU24CVST CP Series: CP88, CP100, CP125, CP150, CP200, CP250 VHF / UHF GP Series: GP2000, GP2100, GP300, GP 308, GP68, GP88, GP88S SP Series: SP10, SP21, SP50 CT Series: CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450LS PRO Series: PRO1150, PRO2150, PRO3150 P Series: P040, P080, P110, P1225 Other Series: GTI, GTX, LTS2000, VL50, VL130, PMR446, ECP100, PR400

The coiled cable length from the speaker mic to the radio connector is 5 feet (fully extended).

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