Surveillance Style Headset 2 Prong S1 Connector CLEARANCE

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Ear hook with Coiled Cable (clearance 30 day warranty)

Ear hook design with lapel push to talk microphone for two way radios requiring a 2 prong S1 Connector
Universal left or right use
With coiled retractable cable
Keeps Communication private

Headset is for use with the following radios that require a dual plug 2.5mm/3.5mm molded connector approximately 3/8" apart:

Motorola Talkabout Series: Basic, Plus, 200, 250, Distance, Distance DPS MODELS ONLY (NOT FOR 270. 280, 289, OR T Series

ICOM F Series: F3, F4, F4S, F10, F11, F12, F14, F15, F16, F20, F21, F22, F24, F25, F26, F33, F34, F43, F44, F3000, F3001, F3002, F3003, F3011, F3021, F3022, F3003, F43011. F3031, F3101, F4000, F4001, F4002, F4003, F4011, F4021, F4022, F4023, F4026, F4031, F4101

ICOM IC Series: IC-2GXAT, IC-91A, IC-91AD, IC-92AD, IC-P7A, IC-Q7A, IC-T22A, IC-T2H, IC-T7H, IC-T81A, IC-T90A, IC-V8, IC-V82, IC-U82, IC-V85
IC-W32AIC-F3, IC-F3S, IC-F4, IC-F4S, IC-F4SR, IC-F4TR, IC-F10, IC-F20, IC-H2, IC-H6, IC-J12, IC-M5, IC-T2A/T2H, IC-T7A/T7H, IC-T22A, IC-T81A, IC-T90A, IC-U12, IC-U16, IC-V8, IC-W32A, IC-02AT, IC-03AT, IC-04AT, IC-2GAT, IC-4008A, IC-4088, IC-F11, IC-F11S, IC-F12N, IC-F12SN, IC-F21, IC-F21BR, IC-F21GM, IC-F21S, IC-F22 N/W, IC-F22 N/W, IC-F3, IC-F3G, IC-F3GS, IC-F3GSN, IC-G3GT, IC-F3GTN, IC-F31, IC-F31GS, IC-F31GT, IC-F3S, IC-F4G, IC-F4GS, IC-F4GSN, IC-F4GSW, IC-F4GT, IC-F4GTN, IC-F4GTW, IC-F41GS, IC-F41GT, IC-F43, IC-F43GS, IC-F43GT, IC-F43TR, IC-H2, IC-H6, IC-H16, IC-T42E, IC-F11, IC-F11S, IC-F21, IC-F21S, IC-F24, IC-F24S, IC-F31 IC-F3 / IC-F3S / IC-F4 / IC-F4S / IC-F4TR IC-F3G / IC-F3GS / IC-F3GT / IC-F4G / IC-F4GS / IC-F4GT IC-F34G / IC44 IC-F43 / IC-F43GS / IC-F43GT / IC-F43TRIC-F10 / IC-F20 IC-F15 / IC-F25IC-F3011 / IC-F4011 IC-F3021 / IC-F4021 IC-F3062 / IC-F4062IC-A4 / IC-A5 / IC-A6 / IC-A110 IC-E90 / IC-E91 / IC-E92DIC-H2 / IC-H6 / IC-H16 IC-J12 / IC-M5IC-Q7A / IC-W32A IC-R2 / IC-R5 IC-T2H / IC-T7HIC-T22A / IC-T22E / IC-T42A / IC-T42E / IC-T90 IC-U12 / IC-U16 IC-V8, IC-V82 / IC-U82 IC-02AT / IC-03AT / IC-04AT / IC-2GAT / IC-2GXAT IC-2100 / IC-2200 / IC-2720 IC-4008A / IC-4088A / IC4088SRIC-F11 / IC-F11S / IC-F21 / IC-F21S / IC-F24 / IC-F24S / IC-F31 IC-F3 / IC-F3S / IC-F4 / IC-F4S / IC-F4TR  IC-F3G / IC-F3GS / IC-F3GT / IC-F4G / IC-F4GS / IC-F4GT IC-F34G / IC44G IC-F43 / IC-F43GS / IC-F43GT / IC-F43TR IC-F3011 / IC-F4011 IC-F3021 / IC-F4021 IC-F3062

Icom Other Series: H2, H6, J12, M5, U12, U16, V8, V80, V80E, V82, V85

Cobra All Models: FRS90, FRS100, FRS105, FRS110, FRS115, FRS120, FRS130, FRS220, FRS225, FRS235, FRS250, FRS300, FRS305MA, FRS307, FRS310WX, FRS315WX, PR330, PR500, PR880, PR900, PR945, PR950DX, PR955DX, PR1000, PR1050WX, PR1100WX, PR2000, HH37ST, HH38WXST, HH45WX, HH45WXST, MT-500, MT-700, MT-900, PR330 PR500 PR880, PR900, PR945, PR950DX, PR955DX, PR1000, PR1050WX, PR1100WX, PR2000 

Vertex: VX200, VX500, VX510, VX520UD

Ritron: Patriot Series RTX, SST, Jobcom, JMX, MBX, JMX-102, JMX-141, JMX-144, JMX-146, JMX-152, JMX-441, JMX-444, JMX-446, JMX-452, SST-144, SST-446, SST-444, RTX-050, RTX-150, RTX-450

Maxon: SL25, SL55,SL70, SP100, SP120, SP130, SP140, 0500 series, SP5000 series.Legacy series, PL1145, PL5151, PL5161, PL5164, PL2415, PL2445, PL1145, PL1145

Standard: HX24, HX32, HX482, HX581, HX583

Panasonic: KX-TR320

Yaesu FT Series: FT 10 11 23 26 33 40 41 50 51 73 76 207 208 411 415 416 470 530 708 811 911 2008 2009 7009

Uniden: 040, 042, 044, 052

GME Electrohphone: TX6000, TX6200, TX7000

Maycom: MH446

Jobcom: JMX, MBX

ADI: AT201, PR640

Alan: 41, 443, 446, 451, 456, 456R

Albrecht:  Sporty, Sporty Family, Sporty Pro 69, Sporty Fun, Froggy, Tectalk Contact, Techtalk Action, Tectalk Office, Multicom Pro

DNT: ProfiTek-77, XP-8, XLP-77, DRS 1000, DRS 2000

KPO: MT-2000L, MT-4000L, PB-1000R

Stabo: FlyTalk, FreeTalk, FreeTalk 2, FreeTalk UHF, XP-400, XP-500

Vertex: VX-200, VX-500, VX-510, VX-520UD

Alan, Albrecht, Alinco, AudioVox, Cherokee, Chief, Marantz, Pryme, Multicom Pro, RadioShack, Rexon, Stabo, KPO, DNT, Team Mico, and Reer models requiring 2 prong plug headset


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